Dental Equipment Partners

Synergy is the nation’s largest savings organization for independent dentists. As a membership-only dental group purchasing organization (GPO), we help you reduce dental equipment costs. Synergy helps leverage the collective buying power of independent dentists for better cost control. Once you join our group, you can choose from our exclusive network of dental equipment suppliers and pay lower prices for your equipment.

We carefully select our dental equipment partners based on our experience as dentists and use savvy skills to negotiate the lowest prices. We’ve evaluated and identified the most qualified dental equipment suppliers to help our members get the highest-quality dental equipment for lower prices.

Dental Equipment Partners

Your patients look to you for an efficient, comfortable and effective treatment. The equipment you work with impacts those outcomes. While discounts on dental practice equipment are good for the bottom line, quality is equally important. Investing in high-quality assets delivers benefits like:

  • Longer life spans: Durable, reliable equipment resists corrosion and reduces the need for quick replacement or frequent repairs. More precise results: Well-made equipment can allow for better positioning, reduce staff fatigue and produce a more comfortable patient experience.
  • Higher productivity: Robust equipment delivers better performance, reducing wait times and boosting efficiency. Practice growth support: Choosing high-quality equipment with additional features allows you to expand the treatment services you offer.
  • Better reputation: High-quality equipment leads to improved results, which in turn creates a more favorable reputation with current and potential patients.
  • Competitive advantage: The equipment you choose can set your practice apart by providing more accurate diagnoses and clinical outcomes.
  • Top talent acquisition: Well-qualified team members base their employment decisions on many factors, including the quality level of your practice equipment.

How Synergy Selects Dental Equipment Partners

Synergy began as a group of independent dentists looking for better ways to control practice spending. Fast forward a decade, and we’ve saved our members an estimated $20 million.

With our personal clinical experience, we know what you’re looking for in a dental equipment partner. As a result, we take a systematic approach to choosing the best ones for our members to save on dental equipment. Some factors we consider include:

  • Experience: We develop relationships with those who have industry longevity that provides in-depth knowledge. Our partner network has the experience to stand behind what they sell.
  • Value: Synergy makes quality-driven decisions about our partners. Each of them has a reputation for producing reliable equipment to meet the highest quality standards, so our members get a better value for their investments.
  • Selection: No two dental practices are alike, and what works for one dentist may not be the right solution for another. We build out our network with companies carrying a wide variety of equipment to meet any dental office need.


Our Dental Equipment Partners

Synergy’s network of  partners that are ready to help you save on dentist office equipment include:

  • Darby Dental Supply: As one of the nation’s leading dental equipment suppliers, Darby Dental offers over 40,000 products and a large selection of dental equipment at discounts. You’ll find a catalog with essentials like handpieces, sterilizers, operatory tools, air compressors and more. Darby saves Synergy members an average of 17% on their equipment purchases.
  • Renew Digital: This innovative company saves independent practices money on pre-owned dental imaging equipment, each offering a comprehensive warranty. Inventories are already 30%-50% off the new list price, and Synergy members save even more. Renew also offers installation services for their used X-ray machines and can assist with financing.

Our Preferred Brands Equipment Suppliers

As an added value to our membership, Synergy is pleased to bring you our Preferred Brands Program. When you order through your Darby Dental Supplies account, you’ll enjoy additional discounts on more equipment suppliers, like:

  • 3M Oral Care: Get exclusive pricing on CAD/CAM-compatible equipment, capsule mixing units, curing lights and more. 3M Oral Care has earned distinction as the world’s most innovative dental company for 10 years running.
  • NSK Dental: Cut costs on equipment like micromotors, air turbines, surgical tools and more. NSK Dental manufactures under strict ISO 14001 quality standards for extra peace of mind.
  • SOTA Imaging: SOTA Imaging is a leading manufacturer of dental imaging hardware and software. SOTA Imaging solutions include Clio and Clio Prime digital x-ray sensors, the Claris i5HD intraoral camera, and SOTA Image & SOTA Cloud dental imaging software.
  • Solmetex: Solmetex is the industry leader and manufacturer of the NXT Hg5® series of Amalgam Separators. Their comprehensive product line provides all the necessary components to meet or exceed the current requirements of the EPA “Dental Rule”.


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Read what our members have to say about Synergy in our Dental Product Shopper Evaluation

“These are the same brand name dental supplies at a discounted price.”

Thomas Farley,
DMD, Charlotte, NC

“I can order from one vendor with confidence that the products are at a good price point.”

Gregory Camp,
DDS, Mansfield, TX

“Synergy allowed me to leverage the power of group buying, saving money and lower overhead.”

Levy Do,
DDS, Charlotte, NC