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Your dental practice is our focus.

Synergy Select Members* have unfettered access to the Dental Success Network (DSN). This means you will have access to one of the top online dental consulting companies of practicing dentists to answer questions, offer advice and collaborate on best practices to grow your dental practice and your professional career. You’ll gain access to hundreds of training tools, continuing education resources for you and your team. DSN takes input from dentists across the country and continuously works to grow the scope of their resources to empower you to become a better clinician and run a profitable dental business.

Dental Success Network is built for you and by you because your dental practice is their focus.

Continuing education

By way of the Dental Success Network, Synergy members have access to a library that includes hundreds of hours of continuing education videos on practice management, leadership, occlusion, implants, orthodontics, digital dentistry, and includes the video library of Dental Success University.

The DSN library saves members an average of $20,000 per year.


Synergy Select members have access to join a community of over 1,000 dentists and the industry’s top business, marketing, operations, and strategic planners on Dental Success Network’s private community.

Ask questions, get answers and collaborate to grow your practice.

Dental practitioner resources

Synergy Select members using DSN get access to operational manuals, paperwork and hundreds of other documents every practice needs. These easily accessible documents will save you money, hours of you and your staff’s time and allow you to focus on running your practice.

Who is Dental Success Network?

Dental Success Network was built by Dr. Mark Costes with the goal of helping dentists run a profitable business, become better clinicians and build a community where like minded dental practice owners can collaborate and become leaders in the dental industry.

“Dental Success Network is one of the most positive, collaborative and educational networks in all of dentistry.”

*Synergy Select members are those members who pay a monthly enrollment fee to Synergy.

Current or prospective members complete the form below to access all of what DSN has to offer.


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We proudly serve more than 4,500 practices across all 50 states. Our members enjoy discounts of up to 60%, and we’ve saved them an estimated $20 million over the last decade. Find out how we can help you stay independent while benefitting from deeply discounted pricing. Contact a representative at 888-294-3588 or submit an online request for more information today.

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Thomas Farley,
DMD, Charlotte, NC

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Gregory Camp,
DDS, Mansfield, TX

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Levy Do,
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