Supplier Partners

As a dental group purchasing organization (GPO), Synergy works hard to help our members pay lower prices for dental supplies. When you join Synergy, you combine your independent dental practice’s buying power with those of others. We negotiate with the industry’s top dental supply companies, and you get dental supplies at good prices — it’s that simple.

We’re an independent organization, too, so we don’t represent just one distributor or manufacturer. As a result, we have an extensive network of partners ready to give our members discounts on the dental supplies they use daily. Plus, we’re a group of dentists ourselves. That means we know the high-quality solutions you’re looking for, and we’ve found them for you!

Synergy Partners

At Synergy, we believe that everything is easier with a partner. When we come together, we multiply our purchasing power. Smaller sole practitioners can get the same access to low-priced dental supplies while keeping their practices independent.

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  • Over $20 Million

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  • Up t0 60%

    Saved through discounts

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    Vendor Partners

  • 11 Years

    In Business

Our Approach to Choosing Supply Partners

We know what independent dentists need from a supply partner, thanks to our many years of chairside experience. We choose our partners with a careful eye toward how they can best support your practice. When we vet dental supply companies, we evaluate vital factors like:

  • Quality: Paying less for supplies isn’t worth it if they don’t meet quality expectations for you and your patients. Inferior-quality products can be more costly in the long term.
  • Variety: Every independent dentist and their patient base is different. We partner with dental supply companies carrying broad selections of products to meet many practice needs.
  • Reputation: Synergy strives to bring you well-respected suppliers with in-depth industry knowledge. As a result, you can choose from companies known for consistency, performance and experience.

Advantages of Synergy’s Supply Partner Network

Our supply partners offer more advantages than just the ability to save on dental supplies. With your Synergy membership and our network of dental supply companies, you’ll also benefit from:

  • Continuous support: We’ll work together to keep you informed of the latest deals and new products and partners that make our network stronger. Plus, each supply partner offers expert customer service for a better buying experience.
  • Value: Our partners work with you and us to seek opportunities for creating additional value for independent dental practices. We encourage and welcome feedback and suggestions to enhance membership value.
  • Lower purchasing risk: Since we thoroughly evaluate each of our partners, you know you’re buying from reputable companies that support and stand behind what they sell.
  • Cost containment and visibility: With our negotiated pricing, you have better spending control and more transparency into costs.

Featured Supply Partners

Drawing on our clinical experience helps us select the best suppliers to meet various practice needs. Choose from well-recognized and well-respected industry suppliers like:

  • Darby Dental: Darby is one of the largest dental supply companies in the nation, with over 40,000 products in stock. Get the items you regularly use at up to 17% off as a Synergy member.
  • Kettenbach: Kettenbach has a global reputation as a leader in high-quality impression materials. Secure an average discount of 27% when you use your Synergy membership to purchase!
  • BioHorizons: BioHorizons provides innovative, science-backed implant products featuring a lifetime warranty. Access exclusive savings with Synergy and treat patients with clinically proven solutions.

Your practice needs go beyond single-use dental products, so we’ve worked to bring you administrative support and services suppliers like:

  • ADP: Manage the entire employment process from recruiting to retirement with ADP’s software suite. Your Synergy membership is the key to exclusive savings.
  • Cintas®: Put your best foot forward with professional uniforms, laundering services and supplies from Cintas. Synergy members access national account pricing for deep discounts.
  • Method Procurement: Streamline your supply ordering and management for better spending control. Synergy members get free access to Method’s powerful tools!
  • Rectangle Health: Make patient payment processing easier and more convenient. Your membership entitles you to straightforward discounted pricing, multiple processing options and customizable messaging.

Synergy Preferred Brand Supply Partners

As a value-added part of your Synergy membership, you also have access to the Preferred Brands Program. Use your Method Procurement access and Darby Dental account to order directly and purchase from various dentistry supply companies like:

  • 3M: Access innovation from the company recognized for it 10 years straight when you buy clinically trusted supplies like bonding agents and impression materials.
  • Septodont: Stock up on membranes, obturation supplies and more at exclusive discounts.
  • NSK Dental: Enjoy special pricing on ultrasonic scaler tips, precision motors and oral hygiene supplies.
  • HuFriedy Group: Secure dental supply deals on products like Accutron sedation solutions and Crosstex gloves and disposables.


Reduce Dental Supply Costs as a Synergy Member

We proudly serve more than 4,500 practices across all 50 states. Our members enjoy discounts of up to 60%, and we’ve saved them an estimated $20 million over the last decade. Find out how we can help you stay independent while benefitting from deeply discounted pricing. Contact a representative at 888-294-3588 or submit an online request for more information today.

Read what our members have to say about Synergy in our Dental Product Shopper Evaluation

“These are the same brand name dental supplies at a discounted price.”

Thomas Farley,
DMD, Charlotte, NC

“I can order from one vendor with confidence that the products are at a good price point.”

Gregory Camp,
DDS, Mansfield, TX

“Synergy allowed me to leverage the power of group buying, saving money and lower overhead.”

Levy Do,
DDS, Charlotte, NC