Dental Industry Trends

The latest trends in dentistry improve patient care, safety, outcomes and efficiency. Technological progress provides innovative equipment, tools and software dentists can use to streamline processes, provide more accurate diagnoses, perform less invasive procedures and enhance patient experiences. 

Overcoming industry challenges and keeping up with the latest dentistry trends helps you attract and retain patients and increase revenue. Learning more about advanced technology and how to access it can significantly impact your practice and patients.

Current Challenges in the Dental Industry

Challenges in the dental industry can prevent independent practices from advancing their services, but beneficial solutions can help practices overcome barriers. Independent dental practices currently face the following challenges:

Expensive Equipment 

Independent practices often face budget challenges that prevent them from purchasing the latest and highest-quality equipment. The best solution for this challenge is to join a group purchasing organization (GPO) and gain access to favorable pricing and cost-saving opportunities.

Equipment is one of the most vital aspects of a dental practice. High-quality equipment protects patients and helps dentists provide the safest care possible. 

Equipment such as handpieces, hand instruments, electrical equipment and suction pumps require periodic updates to attract and retain patients. Updated equipment provides patients with minimally invasive procedures, so more individuals seek dental practices that offer the latest advancements in care and treatment.

Investing in top-quality equipment and the latest tools can help you improve your practice’s care quality and safety. Advanced technology improves available dentistry tools, allowing you to upgrade your equipment and purchase tools that will last longer and facilitate better patient care. 

Supply Costs

Rising supply costs also present a challenge to independent dental practices. As inflation increases supply costs, practices must find ways to save money while maintaining their necessary supply inventory. Accessible favorable pricing via a GPO and purchasing supplies in bulk are two main solutions to this challenge.

Laboratory Decisions

Dental practices must choose between working with American or overseas dental laboratories. While working with a laboratory in the United States helps support American businesses, working with an overseas laboratory reduces costs. It’s essential to research laboratories thoroughly before making a choice. If you work with an overseas laboratory, ensure they follow American Dental Association (ADA) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines. 

Billing Management

Insurance billing is a time-consuming process, but streamlining billing management allows practices to dedicate more time to patient care. If you manage bills for several insurance carriers, you can streamline your billing procedures with the following tips:

  • Develop detailed billing processing procedures and guidelines.
  • Collect patient copays during or directly after visits.
  • Frequently update billing staff with dental procedure code changes.

Dental Industry Trends in 2023

The dental industry continuously evolves so dentists can provide the safest and most beneficial care possible. Learning about the latest hot topics in dentistry can help you keep up with the latest innovations. Consider the following dental industry trends and how they can help you improve your practice:

3-Dimensional Printing

3-dimensional (3D) printing decreases patients’ time waiting for dental prosthetics such as crowns, implants, veneers and dentures. Dentists can use 3D printing technology to create custom dental prosthetics within minutes. 3D printing is also useful in custom device creation. Dentists can use 3D printers to create sleep apnea devices.


Teledentistry is a convenient practice that continues to grow in popularity. It allows patients to receive care when they cannot physically visit a dentist’s office. Consider the following 2023 teledentistry trends:

  • Remote care access for children: Teledentistry allows school students in remote areas to receive dental evaluations.
  • Smartphone examination technology: Dentists can utilize mobile dental apps to assess patients’ teeth remotely with smartphone cameras.
  • Streamlined visits: Teledentistry saves dentists and patients time by streamlining visits. Dentists can use telehealth appointments to efficiently evaluate new patients, complete consultations, provide oral hygiene tips and determine when in-person treatment is necessary.

Laser Technology

Laser technology allows dentists to perform more comfortable routine dental care. Laser dentistry is less invasive than traditional treatments, so dentists can repair damaged gums, whiten teeth, fill cavities and perform oral surgery while patients experience minimal or no pain. The diode laser is an innovative portable tool dentists can use to enhance their oral surgery services.

Intraoral Scanners

Intraoral scanners capture digital dental impressions and produce 3D images of patients’ mouths. Dentists can view the produced images on a screen to make accurate diagnoses, or they can use the digital impressions to create dental restorations. Intraoral scanners produce faster results than physical impressions, leading to more efficient patient care.

AI-Powered Imaging Tools and Software

Artificial intelligence (AI) is continuously advancing in nearly all industries, and it’s becoming more prevalent in dentistry. AI technology can help dentists improve services and patient experiences. Consider the following AI dental trends 2023 has to offer: 

  • Smart toothbrushes that track oral hygiene practices and habits
  • Virtual dental assistants
  • More accurate diagnostics with correlated and combined tests
  • Wearable sensors for health risk detection
  • Nano-detectors that identify soft-tissue biomarkers

AI technology also impacts dental software. Advanced software solutions allow dentists and orthodontists to simulate treatment on a computer. They can use simulations to plan treatments accurately and efficiently, resulting in more positive outcomes. Chatbots can answer common patient questions, giving your staff more time to spend on patient care, treatment plans and administrative tasks. 

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Technological advancements improve dental care, increase safety and enhance patient experiences. Innovative equipment, advanced software, AI-powered tools, 3D printing and remote care capabilities are some of this year’s top dentistry trends. Embracing industry advancements can help you provide top-quality care, attract new patients and retain existing patients. 

Purchasing new equipment, tools and supplies can be challenging for independent practices, so it’s important to explore your options — such as joining a group purchasing organization (GPO). While large practice groups typically have more access to favorable pricing than independent dentists, you can join a GPO to access similar cost savings as corporate companies. 

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