Why Buy Direct from Komet USA*

Feb. 16, 2018 – Komet USA has a reputation for developing high-quality dental burs, there is no doubt about that. What many may not realize, however, is that we attribute the consistency of our dental burs’ quality to the fact that we ship 100% of our items directly from our headquarters in Lemgo, Germany. We have much more control over production, and thus keep a firmer hand on quality.

Additionally, all of our dental burs are manufactured right there in the factory. This allows us to confidently give testament to the years of research and development dedicated to every bur. Whereas, obtaining different parts from multiple factories makes quality control and consistency difficult, if not impossible, to keep track of.

Don’t Ruin Your Handpieces

Buying directly from us means we can guarantee they meet ISO 13485 standards and will not ruin your handpieces. Often the issue here is the result of small deformities and inconsistencies in the bur shafts that can be attributed to production in multiple different machines. You never know where exactly the issue has arisen, so resolving it efficiently is another problem altogether.

Target the Source

In the rare event that one of our burs arrives with a defect, we can determine the raw material used, and exactly which machine it came from. This means we are able to trace the issue and, more importantly, fix it.

Finally, our company is family run, so we are very passionate about what we do. We stand behind the quality of our burs and believe in their contribution to any practice. Just take a look at our 30-day Komet Quality Satisfaction Guarantee. Sterile, unopened items can be returned for a full refund which is credited to your account within 30 days of the original sale.

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“These are the same brand name dental supplies at a discounted price.”

Thomas Farley,
DMD, Charlotte, NC

“I can order from one vendor with confidence that the products are at a good price point.”

Gregory Camp,
DDS, Mansfield, TX

“Synergy allowed me to leverage the power of group buying, saving money and lower overhead.”

Levy Do,
DDS, Charlotte, NC