Synergy Dental Partners Makes Cents for Your Practice

Offering Simple Solutions to Reducing Practice Overhead without Compromising Quality

Dental practitioners have long tried to find ways to save money on the supplies they purchase most. The reality is, pricing is very fragmented and dentists do not receive uniform pricing across the industry, but it does not have to be that way moving forward. Meet Synergy Dental Partners.

In 2010, Dr. Richard Offutt, DDS, MS, and Dr. Mustafa Shah-Khan, DDS, founded Synergy, a group purchasing organization (GPO). Synergy helps Townies and other independent dental practices across the nation save money on dental supplies via their membership. The model is simple and works by leveraging the buying power of its members to negotiate discounts on their behalf with dental suppliers across the country.

The advantages of joining a GPO like Synergy are not only evident in the dollars saved – Synergy has saved members in more than 40 states an estimated $1 million since 2010 – but also in the time saved searching for quality supplies, as well as the peace of mind knowing that Synergy is helping your practice procure supplies as profitably as possible.

This GPO is different from any other dental GPO because it is owned and operated by two dental practitioners who have combined nearly 40 years’ experience operating independent dental practices. The idea originated during the recession when the co-founders recognized that smaller operators struggled to remain profitable in the sluggish economy. Their unique point of view allows them to understand and appreciate the obstacles that their peers are facing on a day-to-day basis.

Nearly three years later, Synergy remains committed to representing the interests of and reflecting the voice of the independent dental practices to suppliers and is driven to help preserve the independent dental practitioner and keep them competitive in the ever-changing environment of managed care and corporate dentistry. Synergy chooses a single supplier for each product or service to better manage supplier performance and establish clear accountability. Partners include: Darby Dental Supply, BioHorizons, Komet USA, Sonicare, Dental Card Services and Live Oak Bank.

Synergy is not a third-party distributor and does not inventory or ship dental supplies. The company negotiates contracts with suppliers so that its members can pay the same or less than what larger group practices pay for the same supplies, and members order through Synergy’s dental supply partners.

Synergy members, on average, save between 17 percent and 60 percent on dental supplies when they purchase from Synergy’s dental supply partners. Synergy also negotiates special promotions with its suppliers during the year to benefit its members.

Read what our members have to say about Synergy in our Dental Product Shopper Evaluation

“These are the same brand name dental supplies at a discounted price.”

Thomas Farley,
DMD, Charlotte, NC

“I can order from one vendor with confidence that the products are at a good price point.”

Gregory Camp,
DDS, Mansfield, TX

“Synergy allowed me to leverage the power of group buying, saving money and lower overhead.”

Levy Do,
DDS, Charlotte, NC