How to Improve Your Dental Practice Cost Structure

Dentistry is a fragmented industry, but it does not have to be that way moving forward.

In 2010, Synergy Dental Partners examined supply costs among various practices. We discovered that costs for the same items could vary by up to 60 percent. That is not a typo – costs can vary by as much as 60 percent between dental practices. Synergy Dental Partners was founded to try to level the playing field for dental practices, no matter how big or small or where they might be based.

Synergy is a group purchasing organization that brings together individual dental practices to leverage their buying power in order to achieve better pricing. But we’re doing more than just that – by achieving better prices, we’re helping you reduce supply costs, reduce overhead and increase profitability. Who says you can’t do five things at once?

Join Synergy today and start doing five things at once while also offering your patients the highest level service at the best possible prices for both you and them.


Read what our members have to say about Synergy in our Dental Product Shopper Evaluation

“These are the same brand name dental supplies at a discounted price.”

Thomas Farley,
DMD, Charlotte, NC

“I can order from one vendor with confidence that the products are at a good price point.”

Gregory Camp,
DDS, Mansfield, TX

“Synergy allowed me to leverage the power of group buying, saving money and lower overhead.”

Levy Do,
DDS, Charlotte, NC